Ginger, healthiest Food and an Antidote

The life of this planet and everything on it is temporary. And if this short spam is spent well, everything else is well fashioned as well. But if we bear negligence in any one of the essential tasks, life would become a mess and issues of progressive nature will rise. Same is the case of human health. A human being is just like a machine with very expensive and operative parts. And the body will only function well when the parts are running properly. This demands high check on our routine and a proper balance of our intake. For a smooth, healthy and easy going life, a balanced diet is very important. It maintains our health. As it is said that:

We are what we EAT!!

There are some cases where our body and normal functionality deviates from the usual. And we need to figure out the cause to eradicate the consequence. Otherwise, things may get worse. And a little mole can become a complete mountain hill. Every healthy person knows about his/her health. The malfunctioning of our body system can be caught if we are conscious about our health and food. We may trigger the problem and try to avoid such situations that become a cause of it. Rather than running our bodies on medications(due to our negligence in proper diet and health), it is much better to work on it and try to improve wherever we are wrong. There are foods that are a gift from nature to us. And if we include them in our daily routine, it will help us get rid of many problems and health issues. Besides that many bodily functions are enhanced. Such is the case of widely used plant “Ginger”. It is used all across the world as a food and a great anti-inflammatory antidote.

Ginger, As a Food:

                  Ginger Root Benefits
                  Ginger Root Benefits

Ginger belongs to a family plant that relates the turmeric and cardamom. From centuries Asian people use it in making food. It is a kind of spice and gives taste to the cooking. A very delicious and multi-nutrient food.

Besides adding it to our daily dishes, we can use it for various reasons and one major advantage of this healthy food is healing. Its bio-active compounds help you maintain a healthy body and a fresh mind. There are over 115 chemical compounds found in it and research has been carried out to find the advantages of these chemicals in fighting the diseases. Following is a list of different benefits of using ginger on daily basis.

Preventing Heart Diseases and Stroke:

The heart is the main organ in a body and when it fails, there is nothing left. Therefore a person must ensure his heart condition is stable. For that use this natural food in a combination with other substances. Onions, garlic and ginger all three of them are excellent in preventing blood clotting which is the common cause of strokes. And when all these are mixed together they can cure and help prevent many heart diseases and stroke.

Ginger helps in digestion and Abdominal Pain:

Many people face the usual problem of indigestion. It is different for different people. For some, it is very severe. Issues in proper digestion cycle or delay in gastric emptying is a major problem for many. Some may face bloating, constipation and intestinal pain out of it. Before it gets worse, such a patient should start using ginger as a daily nutrient.

It helps in smoothing the muscle of your gut lining so the food can move along easily. This helps in gastric issues and bloating. Giving a strong relief in abdominal pain.

Improving the Immune System:

The proper digestion and cycling of food are what keeps your inner system accurate. If there is a problem in any stage, things will go wrong. The same case is discussed above. If your food is not digested properly and is retained inside your body for long, it can be very dangerous. Your improper digestion may make you consume fewer nutrients in food than present in it. And when the required amount is not taken by the body it will cause many other things go wrong. One major thing in that is our immune system. If it gets weak, other diseases will find a way. Therefore a person must take ginger for proper digestion and immune system.

Helps fighting Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is a very common disease these days. It is a joint disease that causes pain in the neck, knees, elbow, hips and hands of the patient. The tissues and joints are affected and the patient feels pain and stiffness in the above-mentioned areas. Many people take medicines for it but rather than medicines, we should focus on our diet. And among that ginger is best in curing osteoarthritis. It helps in reducing the pain in joints.

Ginger:Reducing Dysmenorrhea pain:

Dysmenorrhea is the condition that is caused by menstruation pain. Many women in those specific days face severe lower abdominal pain and take frequent pain killers. This is the time when the lines of uterus contract and relax and many gasses rise and thus cause pain (heavy for some women). Thus there should be a regular remedy to be applied every month. Here ginger comes in handy. As it causes relief with gastric pain and helps in getting rid of the bloating and abdominal pain. Thus it aids in reducing the menstrual pain.

Help prevent Cancer especially Ovarian Cancer:

Cancer is caused by the rapid growth of abnormal cells. Research shows that a substance is present in raw ginger that has anti-cancer properties. And it is used for the treatment of many types of cancers. Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer can be treated by regular use of ginger in the appropriate amount. Just like explained above it helps reduce the pain of periods thus there are high chances of it being very beneficial in treating ovarian cancer.

How to use Ginger:

Fresh Sliced Ginger
Fresh Sliced Ginger

A very common and must ask question after reading all these excellent benefits of ginger is the method of its usage. Ginger can be used in raw form. You can eat small pieces of it being cut in slices. You can use teabags of ginger and drink it. Or use any other way that suits you best.

Have a happy and healthy journey 🙂

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