Accepting Life with its rotten fruits

Often life teaches us deep lessons in strenuous ways. We may never know the pace of destiny. It seems we are grasping the footsteps of this magnificent scheme but just before we may take any turn the reality explodes. And we awake from the deep slumber of “understanding“. Life happens in mysterious ways.

Yes, this is Life. And we all are rolled in it in different ways. We are deceived by the illusions, rejected from the routes we were meant to master, failed in trying to get the desired, broken and dejected in ways we’ve never imagined. But one thing remains there, “YOU“. Yes in all the chaos the only thing you need to focus on is your ability to accept the destruction that has happened and fight back with your full will to rectify it.

Have Faith and Keep Moving! Let Life happens
Have Faith and Keep Moving!

It is indeed human nature to worry over how life ruthlessly crumpled you, people get depression and it’s normal, you may get stuck in your bed or your room for weeks and months weeping over the loss but one thing is sure, It is not the solution of handling this dilemma of life. Staying in that trauma will not let you fight it. It will make you weak to learn the lesson for which it was sent. And most importantly it will shackle you to remain therein forever.

The author has spent years and years just like any of you trying to grasp the core of merciless tides of this riddled life. And intend to start a series of such stories that share your untold sorrows in the silent ways. It will awaken the ‘not lost’ but ‘the slept’ YOU once again. Revive the purpose of life and give it one more chance. It is believed that by learning and pondering over fine details of each of our storms, we will one day be able to come out of them victorious in our own unique ways. The only thing we need to have is faith and the zeal to keep moving. Things will settle in at their right time.

Be with the author in this amazing journey of renewing life and unfolding the secrets of Self. Because we are capable of much more than we could ever imagine.

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