Accepting Life with its rotten fruits

Often life teaches us deep lessons in strenuous ways. We may never know the pace of destiny. It seems we are grasping the footsteps of this magnificent scheme but just before we may take any turn the reality explodes. And we awake from the deep slumber of “understanding“. Life happens in mysterious ways.

Yes, this is Life. And we all are rolled in it in different ways. We are deceived by the illusions, rejected from the routes we were meant to master, failed in trying to get the desired, broken and dejected in ways we’ve never imagined. But one thing remains there, “YOU“. Yes in all the chaos the only thing you need to focus on is your ability to accept the destruction that has happened and fight back with your full will to rectify it.

Have Faith and Keep Moving! Let Life happens
Have Faith and Keep Moving!

It is indeed human nature to worry over how life ruthlessly crumpled you, people get depression and it’s normal, you may get stuck in your bed or your room for weeks and months weeping over the loss but one thing is sure, It is not the solution of handling this dilemma of life. Staying in that trauma will not let you fight it. It will make you weak to learn the lesson for which it was sent. And most importantly it will shackle you to remain therein forever.

The author has spent years and years just like any of you trying to grasp the core of merciless tides of this riddled life. And intend to start a series of such stories that share your untold sorrows in the silent ways. It will awaken the ‘not lost’ but ‘the slept’ YOU once again. Revive the purpose of life and give it one more chance. It is believed that by learning and pondering over fine details of each of our storms, we will one day be able to come out of them victorious in our own unique ways. The only thing we need to have is faith and the zeal to keep moving. Things will settle in at their right time.

Be with the author in this amazing journey of renewing life and unfolding the secrets of Self. Because we are capable of much more than we could ever imagine.

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Natural Ways of Combating Cancer

This is an amazing piece of inforgraphic by outstanding Positive Health Wellness  which finely and explicitly state all necessary ingredients one should include in his/her daily diet.  As the ratio of cancer has been highly increased in past few years. So it is important that one may find ways that naturally heal our body. With medication diet plays an important role combating any disease therefore following foods are highly recommended.




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Curative Natural Substances to Combat Cancer

   Combating Cancer
                                    Combating Cancer

Indeed life is certainly a precious gift from God but yes there are several diseases which can be life-threatening as well if not figured or treated timely, cancer is one of them. It is basically an abnormal cell growth which actually tends to proliferate in an uncontrolled manner. It could be mainly of two types that are benign or malignant. The type of cancer that is localized to a specific region of the body is benign. The other one metastasize (spread) to rest of the body parts along with the infected region. So as it could be a chronic disease, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid such complications. If a person is diagnosed with cancer, one way is to have proper medication to overcome with it but at times medications may have several side effects. So the best way is to have natural remedies that can help avoid or cure cancer effectively.

Most Effective Natural Cancer Treatments:

Natural remedies for cancer includes exercise, ingestion of broccoli, grapes, green tea, Aloe Vera,  Low-carb Diet, juices and wheat grass in either direct or indirect form.

Daily Exercise:

A healthy diet and proper exercise help to overcome many complications in the human body. Research suggests that physical activity and a healthy diet may support to diminish the risk of cancer. It has been suggested that exercising an hour daily helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women of any age. Outdoor exercise that is exercising in the gym is not a compulsion; one may have indoor products like spine bikes could be used for effective results.

  Be Healthy & Strong
                   Be Healthy & Strong

Broccoli: A Cancer Warrior :

Broccoli is advised to prevent certain kinds of colorectal cancers. These should be taken in the form of sprouts. Broccoli has certain phytochemicals that help fight against the infectious cells. These phytochemicals act as antioxidants and hold enzymes that assist in the detoxification of the body.


Fruits are basically one of the best natural remedies to overcome many complications in the human body. Like many other enriched elements, grapes contain a special compound named proanthocyanidins that helps to reduce the body’s estrogen production. This actually leads to effective treatment of various types of cancer such as lung, prostate, colon and breast cancer.

Gift of Nature
                      Gift of Nature

Green tea:

Green tea is undoubtedly very beneficial for a healthy body. Along with so many other advantages, it also helps to reduce the risk factor of various types of fatal diseases. The simplest procedure is to make a suspension of herbal green tea by boiling a glass of water until the volume reduced to half. This suspension has actually anti-inflammatory characteristics and also works effectively against breast, prostate, liver, pancreatic, and skin cancer.

Aloe Vera:

This can be understood easily that herbal medication has great results against so many diseases because it usually has fewer side effects. In the same way, to have reduced risk factor of both prostate and lung cancer, Aloe Vera can be consumed raw in the form of jelly.

Low-carb Diet:

Intake of a low-carb diet is usually suggested to fight against various types of this deadliest disease. This home remedy may decrease the risk of colon cancer or the ingestion of dairy products may slightly help to increase the lives of people that are being diagnosed with colon cancer. Researchers suggest that the spread of breast cancer can be controlled with the help of low-calorie diet.


Juices are enriched source of vitamins and nutrients. In order to require a strong immune system that works well against incoming pathogens, one may intake fresh juice of apples, mangoes, and cherries.

Keep Fighting for your Life
          Keep Fighting for your Life


Wheatgrass taken in both juice or in its raw form is very advantageous to many  patients as it actually retards the growth of abnormal cells. This basically has a special ability to enhance the immune system and by doing this, it can easily get rid of so many waste products and toxins.



10 Natural Treatments Revealed

Disease’s Types, Causes, Symptoms & Treatments 

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Pumpkin Seed Oil: A complete pack of nutritions


Pumpkin Seed Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil

There is no doubt in believing that natural things are best in everything a man needs for a healthy and sound life. It is just the matter of time that the benefits of many foods were unknown in the past. People back in days were more fit in health as compare to the present. The main reason for this was their excessive consumption of natural diet. Even though they weren’t familiar with the biological importance of their intake, they still prefer the natural ingredients. Today with the advancements in technology, people are finding more and more incredible advantages of consuming natural diet. Today we’ll dig deep with the author to find out the unlimited benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Among various other remarkable benefits, pumpkin seed oil is good at:

  • Fighting Cancer, especially Prostate Cancer.
  • Good for skin and hair.
  • Excellent Anti-Inflammatory Substance.
  • Balances Urinary Condition.

Pumpkin Seed Oil as a Caner Fighter:

While cancer is a highly tough disease with the rapid growth of abnormal cells, it’s detection and medication becomes difficult for doctors at times. It is when you have to stop the growth of cancerous cells while treating the already grown cells at the same time. Just like the medication, the diet of a cancer patient is of utmost importance. And you can’t rely on just one of these two at any stage of your cancer.

The antioxidants in it are best in treating cancer. It also protects the internal organs of a patient from the damage of radiations and other medical treatments that may harm the intestines. Similarly, the effect of carcinogen that is capable of causing cancer in living tissues is also reduced by consuming a certain amount of pumpkin.

The most noteworthy advantage of pumpkin seed oil is it’s prevention of prostate cancer and maintaining good prostate health. As discussed above pumpkin is enriched with ingredients that are very good in fighting cancer.

Nourishing Skin and Hair:

Baldness and skin disorders is a major problem for both men and women. And just like any other body part, the apparent condition of these two depends upon the internal state of the body. Baldness occurs due to the change in hormones and it can only be reversed by the intake of the right ingredient. Pumpkin seed oil has zinc, vitamin E,k and A which not only strengthens your hair but also helps in their growth. Zinc is there to balance the hormonal condition which is the main cause of hair fall. Similarly, it also contains the (unsaturated) fatty acids which are very useful for a healthy and youthful skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil

Anti-Inflammatory Functions:

Inflammation in the body occurs due to many reasons. And if it is not treated properly or at the proper time, things might get worse and unable to handle. Pumpkin seed oil contains the healthy fats which are good for body condition and reducing inflammation anywhere in the body. Similarly, its anti-oxidant properties add up to the value. For instance, take Vitamin E which is excellent in healing the skin from any damage. It reduces the scars of wounds and maintains a fresh healthy skin free from redness or any other sign of inflammation.

Balancing Urinary Conditions:

Not to mention a person’s excretory system is the one that can’t be taken for granted at any point in life. Though all human systems are important but digestive and excretory system if gets disturbed can easily turn a person’s life upside down. For this reason, maintain a good healthy diet that helps the internal organs work properly.

Pumpkin seed oil is believed to maintain a smooth excretory system especially in treating urinary disorders, like inflammation in the bladder, overreactive bladder, and swelling or malfunctioning ureters.

These are very few benefits of this amazing naturally nutrient enriched food. For a balanced and healthy life, we all must invest well into our bodies. Have a happy and safe journey 🙂



Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits Prostate & Heart Health

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Olives: An essential diet for Healthy living


Olives: A Healthiest Food!
Olives: A Healthiest Food!

Human life is very important. And most important is the fact that it should be in a healthy and sound condition. Just like any machine which is not taken care properly, a human health can go down upon negligence. The body depends on the intake it receives daily and therefore a person must take healthy and fresh diet to act accordingly.

Natural diet is nutrition enriched. Each and every fruit and vegetable contains what your body needs. For the proper functioning of one or the other system. A good mixture of everything you need in your daily diet will affirm a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Same is the case of today’s chosen fruit also considered vegetable “Olive”. The benefits of using olive and olive oil are numerous. Let us divide them into chunks and discuss this healthiest food.

Olives: Best for preventing Cancer:

Olives like many other natural foods contain phenolic antioxidants. These are the types of antioxidants that are derived from the plants and are very good in preventing illness (that may range from cancer to osteo and arthritis). It also contain other anti-cancer compounds.

The oleic acid in olives which is a mono-saturated acid and is harmless for body helps in preventing inflammation.

Olives: Preventing Cardiovascular diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases are those related to heart and blood vessels. Blood vessels are damaged by the oxidized cholesterol and fat start building up in the arteries. As a result heart attacks are suspected. Olives prevent the oxidation. And the arteries are less likely get harder. Similarly, it contain the biophenols which control the blood pressure levels.

Olives: Helps in reducing weight:

Weight gain has become a major problem in modern world. There are many foods available with excessive fat consumption. People with their random eating habits have damaged their body. Weight, when it’s being put on, is far more easy to control than once it’s done. And this is the reason why food inspection is recommended for all. We all should monitor what kind of diet are we taking. And what are the benefits of doing so?

Olive is one among other few but naturally nutrient enriched food which contains fat but that is harmless. In other words, the fats present in it are mono-saturated and helps in losing weight. Study and research indicate that the high level of olive consumption results in low calories intake per day. That is why such people do not over-weigh.

Olives: Vitamin E enriched:

Vitamin E protects and hydrates the skin and is very good for healthy hair. It is best for anti-aging and protects the skin from harmful rays. Olive along with many other benefits is highly enriched with fatty acids and other antioxidants. For a naturally healthy and glowing skin and hair, black olives or just simple olives must be included in your daily dose. People often apply its oil externally. It is highly used in cooking too.

Due to its extreme and uncountable benefits, olive is used all around the world in one way or the other.

Olives: A Healthiest Food!
Olives: A Healthiest Food!

Anti-Inflammatory properties:

Olives have anti-inflammatory properties. With healing and curing different diseases, it also prevent ulcers of the stomach and various kinds of allergies. These seem to be little diseases, but in actual these are the gateway to many other progressive and uncontrollable issues. So it is always best to take precautionary measures before any bad thing happens. Olive should be taken in order to even reduce the chances of such occurrences.

There are numerous benefits of this amazing food and it is difficult, to sum up, them all.

  • Olives are good for blood levels.
  • It prevents the clotting of blood in any part of the body. Hence becomes a hurdle in many life-threatening diseases.
  • Olives are good for reproductive cycle and processes.
  • Olives maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Olives are good for eyesight.
  • Olives help in having a smooth and proper digestive system.

For someone who is concerned about his/her health and wants to live a balanced and sound life, these benefits should be enough. Let’s start our healthy journey once again by adding this amazing food in our diet 🙂

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Ginger, healthiest Food and an Antidote

The life of this planet and everything on it is temporary. And if this short spam is spent well, everything else is well fashioned as well. But if we bear negligence in any one of the essential tasks, life would become a mess and issues of progressive nature will rise. Same is the case of human health. A human being is just like a machine with very expensive and operative parts. And the body will only function well when the parts are running properly. This demands high check on our routine and a proper balance of our intake. For a smooth, healthy and easy going life, a balanced diet is very important. It maintains our health. As it is said that:

We are what we EAT!!

There are some cases where our body and normal functionality deviates from the usual. And we need to figure out the cause to eradicate the consequence. Otherwise, things may get worse. And a little mole can become a complete mountain hill. Every healthy person knows about his/her health. The malfunctioning of our body system can be caught if we are conscious about our health and food. We may trigger the problem and try to avoid such situations that become a cause of it. Rather than running our bodies on medications(due to our negligence in proper diet and health), it is much better to work on it and try to improve wherever we are wrong. There are foods that are a gift from nature to us. And if we include them in our daily routine, it will help us get rid of many problems and health issues. Besides that many bodily functions are enhanced. Such is the case of widely used plant “Ginger”. It is used all across the world as a food and a great anti-inflammatory antidote.

Ginger, As a Food:

                  Ginger Root Benefits
                  Ginger Root Benefits

Ginger belongs to a family plant that relates the turmeric and cardamom. From centuries Asian people use it in making food. It is a kind of spice and gives taste to the cooking. A very delicious and multi-nutrient food.

Besides adding it to our daily dishes, we can use it for various reasons and one major advantage of this healthy food is healing. Its bio-active compounds help you maintain a healthy body and a fresh mind. There are over 115 chemical compounds found in it and research has been carried out to find the advantages of these chemicals in fighting the diseases. Following is a list of different benefits of using ginger on daily basis.

Preventing Heart Diseases and Stroke:

The heart is the main organ in a body and when it fails, there is nothing left. Therefore a person must ensure his heart condition is stable. For that use this natural food in a combination with other substances. Onions, garlic and ginger all three of them are excellent in preventing blood clotting which is the common cause of strokes. And when all these are mixed together they can cure and help prevent many heart diseases and stroke.

Ginger helps in digestion and Abdominal Pain:

Many people face the usual problem of indigestion. It is different for different people. For some, it is very severe. Issues in proper digestion cycle or delay in gastric emptying is a major problem for many. Some may face bloating, constipation and intestinal pain out of it. Before it gets worse, such a patient should start using ginger as a daily nutrient.

It helps in smoothing the muscle of your gut lining so the food can move along easily. This helps in gastric issues and bloating. Giving a strong relief in abdominal pain.

Improving the Immune System:

The proper digestion and cycling of food are what keeps your inner system accurate. If there is a problem in any stage, things will go wrong. The same case is discussed above. If your food is not digested properly and is retained inside your body for long, it can be very dangerous. Your improper digestion may make you consume fewer nutrients in food than present in it. And when the required amount is not taken by the body it will cause many other things go wrong. One major thing in that is our immune system. If it gets weak, other diseases will find a way. Therefore a person must take ginger for proper digestion and immune system.

Helps fighting Osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis is a very common disease these days. It is a joint disease that causes pain in the neck, knees, elbow, hips and hands of the patient. The tissues and joints are affected and the patient feels pain and stiffness in the above-mentioned areas. Many people take medicines for it but rather than medicines, we should focus on our diet. And among that ginger is best in curing osteoarthritis. It helps in reducing the pain in joints.

Ginger:Reducing Dysmenorrhea pain:

Dysmenorrhea is the condition that is caused by menstruation pain. Many women in those specific days face severe lower abdominal pain and take frequent pain killers. This is the time when the lines of uterus contract and relax and many gasses rise and thus cause pain (heavy for some women). Thus there should be a regular remedy to be applied every month. Here ginger comes in handy. As it causes relief with gastric pain and helps in getting rid of the bloating and abdominal pain. Thus it aids in reducing the menstrual pain.

Help prevent Cancer especially Ovarian Cancer:

Cancer is caused by the rapid growth of abnormal cells. Research shows that a substance is present in raw ginger that has anti-cancer properties. And it is used for the treatment of many types of cancers. Pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer can be treated by regular use of ginger in the appropriate amount. Just like explained above it helps reduce the pain of periods thus there are high chances of it being very beneficial in treating ovarian cancer.

How to use Ginger:

Fresh Sliced Ginger
Fresh Sliced Ginger

A very common and must ask question after reading all these excellent benefits of ginger is the method of its usage. Ginger can be used in raw form. You can eat small pieces of it being cut in slices. You can use teabags of ginger and drink it. Or use any other way that suits you best.

Have a happy and healthy journey 🙂

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